Filterable Gallery

Overlay Grid Layout

Customize your image gallery in a beautiful grid layout to ensure extraordinary look to keep hold of your audience.

Overlay Masonry Layout

Place your Gallery in a responsive masonry view with a spendid overlay to display its lightboxes.

Card Grid Layout

Card Style Layout will help you to add identical name for each of the images present in the gallery. You can also add short description for each of the images.

Card Masonry Layout

Similar to Card Style Layout, Card Masonry Layout will also help you add identical name and description for each of the items available in galery.

Search and Filter Grid Layout

Use Search and Filter Grid Layout to easily allow your audience to search for the gallery items that they are looking for in a beautiful grid.

Search and Masonry Layout

Search and Masonry Layout allows you to display your gallery items in a beautiful masonry while being searched.

Lightbox and Border Settings

You can add a beautiful lightbox to make your image