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Get Floating, Side Panel & Full Screen
Menu in One Plugin

Super Menu is the All in One Menu plugin that allows you to create a sticky floating buttons menu at any position on the screen, a side panel menu with a header, menu items, and a footer on the left or right side of the screen, a sticky one page nav menu with various style and a full screen menu with numerous entrance and exit animations.

Floating Menu

The super flexible plugin to build a multipurpose floating menu for WordPress. You can use it as a sticky navigator, social menu, or even one page scroller.

Floating Buttons

Circular Floating Buttons

Navigation Indicator

Some Important Features

Selective Display

Show or hide the Floating Menu buttons selectively on different pages. Also control the display based on device ie desktop, tablet or mobile.

Create Unlimited Menus

There is no limitation on the number of Floating Menus that you can create. Create as many menus as you want. Display multiple floating menus on same page.

Highly Customizable and Flexible

Set the size, color of the buttons and icons, spacing between the buttons, shadow of the buttons. Display them at position of the screen that you want.

Advanced Typography

Choose from 800+ Googles fonts and set its various parameters. The collection also contain non Google fonts if you are concerned with GDPR.

Easy Import & Export

Export the Menus & Settings easily with just one click. Import it to another menu on the same or different websites easily in asaving your precious time.

Font Icons for Button
Button Shapes
Buttons Show/Hide Animation
Trigger Button Hover Animation
Beautifully Designed Templates
Button Positions With Offset Values
Trigger Button Idle Animation
Trigger Button Hamburger Styles

Side Panel Menu

A flyout off canvas menu is a stylish menu type popular among the latest trends. It displays your web content in the sidebar with beautiful animation effects to provide the best navigation experience.

Multiple Sub Menu Animations Styles

Display the sub menus in multiple styles. There are 7 different styles in which you can animate the submenu. Choose the one that you like. Having choices is always a better option.

Menu Alignment, Hover and Appearance Animations

Align the menu items to left, center, or right with 3 different Menu hover animations.

Let the Menu Items appear in sequential animation (one after another) when the panel is opened. You can choose from 5 different animations.

Customize Sidebar Panel

Customize Trigger Button

Create the menu and customize the trigger button as you want.

Selective Display Of Menu

Display the Menu selectively only on the pages that you want. Or hide the Menu only on the selected page and display it on all other pages. You can configure it from the setting panel.

Also, you can display the Menu based on the devices. You can configure to display it in Desktop, Tablet, Mobile or any multiple device or on all devices.

Insert Trigger Button on Menu

Want to add the trigger button on the main navigation menu or any other menus? Well, there is solution for it. Super Floating & Flying Menu has option to disable the default floating trigger button and add the trigger button on any menus. 

You can insert the trigger button at the start or at the end of the menu items on any menu. You can insert the font icons which on clicked will open the menu panel.

Import/Export Menu Settings

No need to create the same menu again and again configuring the same settings again and again. You can easily export the settings from one menu and import it to another menu.

Download the menu setting easily with just one click. And import it to any other menus on the same website or different website easily. Save your precious time and ease your work flow with Super Floating & Flying Menu.

Elementor Ready

Bring your ideas into reality with Super Menu and Elementor for creating top notch side panels. You can create the content of the side panel with the Elementor Page builder.

Skew Side Panel Menu

Add inclination to the side panel menu to make it more interesting and unique. You can add forward or backward inclination along with control over angle of inclination.

Additionally, adjust the side panel width, position, background type and many more. 

Icon Nav Menu

Display menu bar with icons on the side of the screen. It is the best way to display your menu in the slimmest and elegant way. Add unique icons for each of the menu item from the list of 10,000 icons or add any custom image jpg/png/gif icons.

Configure to open the menu panel on click or hover.

Full Screen Menu

Create stunning full screen menu with various animation. The support for the most popular pagebuilder Elementor gives supercharged power to handle complex designs and the flexibility to create any type of layouts.

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