WooCommerce Ajax Cart & Added To Cart Popup

WooCommerce Ajax Cart is an advanced extension for WooCommerce that displays a fancy cart on different locations of your eCommerce store. It will allow your customers to quickly view the products that they have added on their bucket list. 

Additionally, it displays a popup of the product with additional content when product is added to cart.

SlideIn Cart

SlideIn cart enables you to display the cart items from left and right of the desktop with various slide effect.

Floating Cart

With the floating cart, you can easily select the area where you want to have you cart displayed.

PopUp Cart

You will be able to display your cart items in a popup view, which will make your site more attractive.

WooCommerce Cart Layouts

WooCommerce Cart is highly customizable addons packed with tons of features and functionalities to personalize the mini cart. You will be able to create an unlimited number of carts and display the cart items in 3 different layouts i.e. as a Slide In, Floating or as a Popup. Moreover, the extension provides you endless possibilities to design your mini shopping cart and display it on your online store in a stunning way.

Floating Layout

Use the Floating Layout to float your cart items to different locations of your windows screen.

SlideIn Layout

Use the slidein layout to display your cart items in a fantastic sliding animation, coming through left or right side of your screen.

Popup Layout

Use the Popup Layout to display your cart items in a beautiful popup animation effects.

6 Cart Positions

Our Woocommerce Cart Plugin enables our clients to place their cart blocks in 6 different positions. It will make our client website beautiful and attractive.

Other Features

Custom Icon Support

Supports custom icons, images, font awesome icons for menu items.

Various Animation

All over 20+ cart animations that you can use on your website with ease.

Custom Background

Add image background or a Youtube video background on your menu

Cart Layouts

Dsplay your cart items in list, grid and slider layout.

WP Editor Support

Support WYSIWYG editor to add custom content and shortcodes

Advanced Typography

Change font-family, font-weight, text-transform and text alignment

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