Open Add to Cart Panel

Click On It To Open The Cart Panel
You can open Cart Panel by clicking on Menu or on any link in the content, sidebar, or footer.

Step 1: Open the Cart Settings by going to the Ultimate WooCommerce Cart menu on the dashboard

Step 2: On the “Main Settings” Tab, copy the “Cart Trigger Class” indicated by a red box in the below screenshot

Step 3: Paste the copied class on the element that you want to trigger the Cart Panel.

Using Menu Items to open Cart Panel

Step 1: Open Menu and add the custom link as shown in the below screenshot

Step 2: Click on the Screen Options at the top of the screen and check the “CSS Classes” Option. You can additionally add the icon if your theme supports icon on the menu.

Step 3: Add the class name as shown in the below screenshot, indicated by the number 3